Vegetable Cutter 9 in 1 with Drain Basket

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Vegetable Cutter New Upgrade 9 in 1 Multi functional Rotate Vegetable Slicer Mandoline with Drain Basket Large Capacity Portable Slicer Vegetables Chopper Grater

· This vegetable cutter is much better than a simple knife.

· It’s quite easy to use such products without any harms.

· The overall features:

· Color: white and gray

· Size 22 x 22 medium

· Sharp and hard blade

· Soft handle

· Large capacity to cut more quantity.

· Easily washed after use.

· Stainless material

· Can cut the hardest vegetable (one with thick skin).

· Double layer water filter basket

· Weight: 500 grams.

· Material: hard plastic and steel


Weight 0.2 kg