BRIGHT WORLD Moon Lamp Moon Night Light 3D Printed 12CM

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BRIGHT WORLD Moon Lamp Moon Night Light 3D Printed  12CM

Description :

  • ECO-Materials: Made with natural plant extracts(PLA), based on astronomical data by NASA satellite, using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, curves and mountains on the sphere has been designed to really portray the moon’s surface.
  • Sensitive Touch Control: Touch the metal button can change colors of lamp(warm and cool white), and Long press to adjust the brightness of lamp; suitable for decorating room, use as bedside lamp, night light, decorative lamp, to create warm atmosphere.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Built-in USB rechargeable battery, it has strong cycle and duration performance, and can normally use during charging (charging 2-3 hours, can use 8-24 hours).
  • Sophisticated Design: The bottom interface of the moon lamp is only 0.7 inch. the lamp and the ball are combined perfectly, the touch switch and the charging port are separated, and the touch control is not affected when charging.


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